The jacket fits sizes 6 - 20.

Care:  Handwash in cold water.  Hang or lay flat to dry.


As a jacket:  Find the tag and 3 seams.  Bunch the collar to them.  Put your arms through the armholes.

Vest:  Turn the armhole once up onto your shoulders.

Loop:  The loop is located on the seam by your neck and under the collar.  Take the bottom right corner of the jacket and pull it through the loop about 3 inches.

Tie and Twist:  Tie the bottom corners together.  Twist them over your head.  (So cute)

Long Duster and Coverup:  Turn the jacket upside down so the tag is upside down.  Put your arms through the armholes.

How To Wear Video: https://youtu.be/TgdHlqPbu7