Embellished Poncho


The poncho fits sizes 2 - 16.

Care:  Hold top of poncho with embellishments in a vertical direction.  Using soap and water, put the poncho under the tap water.    Squeeze the poncho in a vertical motion until the water washes out all of the soap.  Hang in half over the hanger bar.  The yarn and suede will look great when it dries.

To wear as a poncho:  One side is completely open.  Put your head through the head hole with the seam down your shoulder and arm.

To wear as a scarf:  Open the head hole with one hand and put the poncho around your neck, keeping the embellishents on the outside.  Pull the other end through the head hole.

Embellishments:  I use yarn, suede and paint.  Each poncho is a one of a kind.  Please contact me for specific embellishment colors.

How to wear video:http://youtu.be/GseiNRxk6-4